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Young scientists "Modern Ophthalmology: Fundamental and Applied Aspects"


Programme of the session of young scientists
“Modern ophthalmology: fundamental and applied aspects” within the framework of the VIII International conference on ophthalmology “East-West – 2017”.

June 9, 2017, Ufa

Venue: 5 Lenin Street, Ufa, Bashkir State Opera House  
Registration: 9:00-10:45
Session time: 11.00 – 12.45

 Co-chairs: G. Zainutdinov, A. Babushkin, R. Fayzrakhmanov 
Executive secretary of the section: E. Matyukhina
Duration of reports – 7 min.

1.  A. Subbot, A. Gabashvili, T. Nesterova (Moscow)
Primary cultures of corneal tissue cells as a test system for assessing the effects of ophthalmic medications and materials on modeling of pathological conditions in vitro

 2. Z. Zhailaubekov, R. Botabekov, M. Kulmanganbetov, M. Al-Astal (Kazakhstan)
Experimental induction of detachment of posterior layers of the vitreous with the use of pharmacological non-enzymatic vitreolysis.

3.   K. Titoyan (Ufa)
Mutations and polymorphism in the SOD1 gene in patients with keratectasia.

4.  O. Krivosheina, M. Denisko, T. Sergeeva (Tomsk)
The effectiveness of a new combined method of surgical treatment of endothelial-epithelial corneal dystrophy using cell technologies

 5.  M. Astrelin (Ufa)
Ultrastructural remodeling of the sclera under ultraviolet A irradiation in the presence of a riboflavin-containing photosensitizer

 6.  N. Pakhomova, S. Roshchin (Moscow)
Advance concepts of evaluation of light scattering by eye tissue in vitro

 7.  R. Zainullin (Ufa)
The change in cytokine profile in the setting of anti-VEGF therapy in patients with age-related macular degeneration

 8.  A.Pilyagina (Tambov)
Predicting the results of cataract phacoemulsification in patients with high myopia

 9 A. Sigaeva, O. Andryukhina, P. Zak, L, Pogodina, A. Rybtseva (Moscow)
Research experience of the choroid by optical coherence tomography

10. I. Frolichev (Cheboksary)
Experimental study of the efficacy and safety of the vitreal cavity tamponade with perfluorodecalin mixed with antibiotic solutions in vitro and in vivo

 11. L. Khalimova (Ufa)
The influence of pulsed UV crosslinking on the corneal biomechanics of experimental animals.

Best report awards